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We are allowing volunteers to come to the Farm and help and we are practicing social distancing. Our horses are safe and we hope you will stay safe also.

Who We Are 

We’re a completely volunteer-run horse rescue with two missions: to help horses and to help people. We bring together Natural Horsemanship and Equine Assisted Therapy to rehabilitate abused, neglected, or unwanted horses while building hope, patience, and healing in the participants who work with them. 

Our History

In 2009, Lisa Pelky met 7 unwanted horses at the barn where she was boarding her horse. They were wards of the state of Wisconsin, some unnamed and feral, and all abused, neglected, and starved. These traumas made the horses fearful and untouchable, inspiring Lisa to create a safe home for them where they could heal and learn to trust. 

It was out of that inspiration, Lisa’s hard work, and her interest in Equine Assisted Therapy that Firefly Acres was born. Lisa purchased the horses and set to work building a space for them. From there, she connected with the community to establish a volunteer base and a board, creating the non-profit organization we know today. 

Firefly Acres is now home to 8 horses who’ve experienced kindness and healing from humans, some for the first time. The horses have reciprocated that care and trust, helping people find healing, learn patience, and develop skills to help improve their lives.

How You Can Help

Donate, come visit the farm, or ask us about the horses up for adoption. Thank you for your support!

Our Four Pillars: Rescue, Rehabilitation, Re-education and Re-home

Rescue, Rehabilitation, Re-education, Re-home

Rescue In 2009, Lisa Pelky rescued 7 horses that were wards of the state of Wisconsin.  These untouchable and unwanted horses, some with no names and feral, were all abused, neglected, and starved. Two other horses were acquired that were considered unusable as work animals. Through kind and gentle handling, all the horses are not only in good health and thriving, but they daily help people find hope and healing. These horses have found a safe haven and a life purpose. 

Rehabilitation We believe that “horses teach people and people teach horses”.  We practice and teach Natural Horsemanship with the 9 horses we now house. This method allows us to connect with the horses by using their own language, a gentle hand, patience, and kindness. This method educates our participants in how to use kindness rather than mechanics and manipulation.  By helping in the rehabilitation of the horses, participants can reflect on their own communication skills and interactive traits. The horses enable people to learn patience and improve listening, understand family dynamics, practice creative thinking, be better at setting boundaries and learn leadership skills.

Re-education By re-educating the horses in skills that help them learn to cooperate with humans, they accept the help of veterinarians and farriers and learn basics of handling and riding.  As they learn to trust the humans they meet at the Farm, the horses become more interactive and cooperative, further aiding our efforts in providing a safe environment for our participants in the therapy programs and positively impacting those humans as well. 

Re-educating people who participate at the Farm is a natural result of participation. Area children, teens, and adults who have experienced painful circumstances and need a place to be accepted and find hope are welcomed to the Farm. Learning assertive, but not abusive responses to the horses along with applying as little pressure as possible, not only effectively and kindly trains our horses, but benefits their handlers as well. Participants develop many life-altering skills through their interaction with the horses. These skills are applicable in many other areas besides horsemanship. The horses enable people to learn patience, acquire listening skills, improve family dynamics, foster creative thinking, establish boundaries, grow in leadership and decrease anxiety levels. Because we seek to include people with mental illness, intellectual and physical disabilities, as well as those who would be considered ‘at risk’, these skills find fertile soil for growth and flourishing.

Re-home The final stage with each horse is to help them achieve skills in basic groundwork, learn appropriate vet and farrier handling, and be suitable for riding. Four of our horses are targeted to go to permanent homes where the owner will continue building on the foundation that we set using the same principals.  Our goal is to place 4 of our 8 horses in the next 2-5 years. The remaining 4 will continue in our Equine Assisted Therapy Program for years to come. For now, we invite the public to volunteer, learn and work with all nine horses. 

  • Belief: We are based on the idea that horses and people can heal each other of emotional pain from abuse or trauma while being drawn together by their own personalities and backgrounds.  We practice Natural Horsemanship which helps with the relationship process and utilizes quietness, gentleness, and patience to communicate with the horses in their own language.  This builds trust and relationship with these magnificent creatures. Our belief  is in God and the saving grace of His Son Jesus Christ.  It is our greatest desire to serve God by the demonstration of our faith through action, by our love for Him, and the support of families.   It is our highest honor to serve children and families of all backgrounds.
  • Philosophy: Horses are very sensitive and perceptive to feelings and emotions of their handlers.  They give feedback to people to show them what is on the inside, which is the beginning of the healing process.  They support this with acceptance, teaching, and love.

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  All support comes from fund raising and private donations.

For more specific questions, please contact Lisa at fireflyacreshorsefarm@yahoo.com